Beaches and Hurricanes

     I don’t know what it is, but when there is a large storm, such as a hurricane off the coast, I want to go watch the waves. I am not the only one.  There were many who posted pictures of the flooding and waves on Facebook, so I know they have the same desire.
     We want to see the storm surge, the waves crashing against pylons, the water up against homes, and the general chaos that a storm brings.  I have always wondered why we are so fascinated.  It must be good television ratings because plenty of news crews stand near closed roads and beaches to show us viewers that the storm is real.
      We want to see a storm because we are fascinated with things that are so much bigger than us.  The threat of a storm can get us excited and move us into action.  We know that a storm can transform our lives, but these storms are so much easier to deal with than most of the storms of life.
     We can have  a true physical storm.  While these may be unpredictable, at least they are visible.  The storms that most often assail our lives are storms that we cannot see.  They are storms that attack us spiritually.  They are storms that threaten to rip apart our lives, our families, and our well being.  Sometimes, no one else is even aware of the storms that assail us.  At least with a hurricane, everyone in a locality is in it together.
     The church is in it together.  We are called to trust others with the storms in our lives and to support one another in the storms of life.  We need each other for love and support.  So, during hurricanes and other times, be the support for the members of the church and allow the church to support you.

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