Taking Care of the Babies

One of the joys of my ministry is supervising Epworth Day School.  I get the privilege of visiting with the children and staff on a regular basis, including the infant room.  The other day I walked into the infant room, and it seemed to be in chaos.  There were babies crying, some loudly, and babies needing to be fed.  I quickly realized that the staff had everything under control.  The one on my left was crying because he couldn’t get out of a particular spot.  The staff encouraged him, and he eventually got himself out of the spot he had gotten himself into. He needed to work it out for himself so that he could continue to learn how to move his body.  Directly in front of me was the loudest “cryer.”  I later found out that  he is colicky and has some bad hours.  This happened to be one of them.  The staff was in control of what appeared to be a very chaotic situation.


Sometimes life feels out of control.  We have situations where we get stuck and cannot seem to find our way out.  We get frustrated.  We are upset, and we don’t even know why.  No matter what situation we are facing, God is with us.  We are not alone.  Sometimes we need to work out our situations so that we will learn.  Other times we cry until we allow God to hold and care for  us.  It all depends on the situation.


We can rejoice that God is present to help make sense of our chaos, but there are others who don’t know.  They don’t know that God is present to support them in the chaos of their lives.  There are some who are crying out, but they don’t know that Jesus is waiting to comfort them.  They don’t know that God is always ready to hear our cries.


How do we help others to know that they are not alone?  How do we comfort the afflicted?  These are some of the questions we will wrestle with this Sunday at Epworth United Methodist Church.  You are invited to join us.  Worship is September 15 at 11 am.  Everyone is welcome.

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