John Wesleyphoto © 2011 Paul Lowry | more info (via: Wylio)John Wesley is the founder of methodism. Many consider his “Aldersgate Experience” to be the real beginning of the movement. It was three days after the day of pentecost, and he was scheduled to be at Aldersgate. He said in his journal that he went unwillingly. He went. John Wesley stated in his journal that he felt his heart strangely warmed. He realized and completely accepted God’s grace even for him.

Sometimes the greatest moments of growth, transformation, and new life come when we are unwilling. We decide that we are not interested. We say to ourselves that there is no point. We get wrapped up into our wants, needs, and personal preferences. Yet, God has a different plan. God wants to offer us grace. God wants to offer each one of us a heart warming experience when we can be transformed.

In the summer time, many of us experience the summer slump. We become tired, concerned with our own schedules, vacation times, etc. We don’t give time to our spiritual lives. We are unwilling to bend our will to God’s will. In these times of unwillingness, I invite you to remember that refusal may mean that we miss heart warming opportunities. Consider those times when you are unwilling as opportunities to experience grace.