Nothing to Say

English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most, if not all, of us have been in those situations where we find we have nothing to say.  Recently it happened to me, again.  There is a friend who is hurting.  The pain is real, and the pain is not going away.  She is hurting.  I want to help her.  I want to ease her pain, but there is nothing I can do.  This is a situation that she must go through rather than around.  Oh, if I could just find the words to take away her hurt.  I want to ease the sadness.  There are no words.


We all have to accept a certain amount of helplessness in our lives, including me.  I cannot take away the pain, hurt, and suffering.  But I can be present.  I can sit beside my friend without words.  I can pray for my her wherever I am.  I can ask God to be with her in her suffering.  I can learn to trust more full in God’s presence, love, and healing especially when I don’t have the words.


When we are hurting or when others are hurting, we have a choice to make.  We can rage against the ineffectiveness of ourselves and others to ease the hurt, or we can trust God to deal with the hurt.  We can trust God with our friends hurts that we know about as well as the hurts are not publicly know.  We can trust God to walk through us through the hard, sad, difficult, and painful times of our own lives as well.  We can open ourselves up to God’s presence with us when we are hurting rather than trying to fix things ourselves.  This dependence does not make us weak, but it allows us to grow stronger.  This reliance on God allows us to accept our own limitations as well as the limitations of those around us.


What choice will you make?  Will you put your trust in God or in your words?  For me, I will trust God because I know that I sometimes have nothing to say.