For Sale


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There is an 8,000 square foot former Church/Synagogue building for sale.  According the realtor’s postcard, it is an ideal location for school, day care, or special events.  The congregation has apparently left, and there is room for something else.  It seems that there is always something to replace our spiritual life.  There are things to take up our time and attention so that we do not have to think about faith at all.  In fact, we can get so good at filling up our lives that we don’t even miss our spiritual life.  We become convinced that we don’t need it in our lives.  We can ignore it.  God can be put on the shelf and never considered again.  Sell that space to something else in our lives.  Sell the space to learning, whether it is a new language or the latest celebrity gossip.  Fill that time spent in prayer with other important life events.  There is more time for shoe shopping, television viewing, and video games! So, we fill our lives up with things that entertain, educate, and amuse.  We do what we can to feel good.  We seek our own pleasure.  Then, when we find ourselves at a significant life event, we realize it is not enough.  The pleasure, the education, the entertainment, is not an anchor to hold onto.  When we have a significant life event, such as a birth , death, marriage, divorce, job loss, terrorist attack, or major health issue, we find ourselves adrift.  We find that there is nothing to hold onto in our distress. We want for something to cling to in the midst of our distress.  That is when it becomes abundantly clear, we have neglected our spiritual life.  The things with which we filled our life are not enough.  We feel lost and alone, and we have offered up our spiritual life for sale. Before a major life event, examine what claims your time and attention.  Have you ignored your spirit for too long?  Is it time to re-prioritize and evaluate?  What do you have to hold on to when things start to crumble?  Have you sold your faith?