A New Place


School. (Photo credit: zoovroo)

New places and spaces offer us an opportunity.  The new classroom offers us a chance to re-define ourselves as a student.  We can be more studious, pay better attention, or participate more.  We also have the opportunity to form new relationships.  Vacations allow us to relax and be more fully ourselves.  We are not defined by our everyday roles, but we are just who we are.  We don’t have to consider the day-to-day responsibilities of our lives back home.  We are able to be more fully ourselves.  Sometimes the new place is a more significant change like a new neighborhood, school, or work location.  These allow us even greater freedom in re-defining ourselves.


The re-defining is an opportunity to mold ourselves more in the image of God and less in the image of us, society, or family.  We are ale to be more completely the person God wants us to be.  We can live more deeply as we give of ourselves.  We can laugh more and worry less.  We can work smarter.  The possibilities are endless.


Many of us are still in the same physical place, but we can choose to be in a new place in or head.  As school starts, let’s give ourselves permission to be more fully the people  God has created us to be.  Maybe we can purchase a new writing implement or notebook to remind us of the change we are making in  us.  As we  start to occupy a new place in our lives, the new school supply can be an instrument of encouragement.  God is making us into a new creation, but we have to allow ourselves to be moved to a new place.